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It is unfortunate a hypnotist usually does not have a very credible reputation with the general public. This may be due to far-fetched Hollywood movies about the unscrupulous hypnotist who make their victims do their bidding. Many people‚Äôs experience of a hypnotist is limited to the stage show hypnotist who pokes fun at his willing victims The truth, however, is that a hypnotist provides an important form of therapy that is used for a wide variety of treatments. 


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Hypnotism is an important therapeutic technique because it taps into the mind-body relationship. Hypnotists have a successful track record in dealing with a variety of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, and phobias. A hypnotist can help people struggling to lose weight, stop smoking, or who suffer from low self-esteem. Anxiety disorders, depression and low self-esteem are not isolated issues. There is a common thread that runs through them. A hypnotist helps patients develop a deeper understanding of her problems and to develop coping skills and strategies. Hypnosis can also help to lessen pain and speed up the body’s natural healing process. We are embodied beings. In other words, the psychological and the physiological are intimately intertwined.


A hypnotist helps the subconscious mind helping it to accept new ideas and suggestions. Our body and the mind are relaxed when we are in a hypnotic state. As a consequence, the subconscious is more open to suggestions because our everyday consciousness is suspended or put on hold. Freud utilized the techniques of hypnotism when he first began to explore the phenomenon of the unconscious. Consciousness, according to Freud, operates as a censoring mechanism that prohibits certain ideas, thoughts, and feelings from reaching conscious expression. 

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Once our conscious mind is suspended by hypnosis, our subconscious is more receptive to suggestions or programming. This is what makes hypnotist so valuable for different types of treatment and therapy. A hypnotist can suggest new patterns, beliefs, and ways of coping with the issues that are troubling us. One of the myths is that a hypnotist is able to control someone’s will. The person in a hypnotic state is not under someone else’s control when he is hypnotized. The truth is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. In other words, you are always in control of your experience. 

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It is impossible to hypnotize someone against their will, despite what some of the more far-fetched Hollywood movies want you to believe. A hypnotist is successful because he gains the trust of the person. As you begin to develop a deeper trust in the hypnotist and the process, you will allow yourself to enter into a deeper state of concentration. Your subconscious becomes open to new ideas, insights, and suggestions provided by hypnotist. You can end your session with the hypnotist anytime you want simply by opening your eyes. A hypnotist is not a magician and hypnotism is not a mystical cure. 

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One common misconception is that a person can be hypnotized one time, and this will result in permanent change or solution. Although this may sometime be the case, the reality is that lasting changes often take several sessions. Going to a hypnotist is similar to going to therapist. No one expects to solve an issue or problem after one therapy session. The best benefits from hypnotism usually require several sessions. It takes time for the mind to make the changes that will help stop smoking, or help cope with depression or anxiety issues.